Comprehensive Guide on the Iconic AT&T Stadium: A Stadium of the Future


AT&T Stadium, previously known as Cowboys Stadium, is a retrospective of the influence of architecture and design in sports arenas. This multi-purpose stadium, located in Arlington, Texas, United States, offers not only a sporting experience but also an architectural marvel.

Unique Aspects of the AT&T Stadium

AT&T Stadium is reputed for its architectural prowess and its massive size. It’s the brainchild of HKS Inc., an architecture firm renowned for developing modern interfaces for sports infrastructure. With a dome-shaped design, it’s clearly seen as the monolith of modern stadiums.

Technological Innovations

As the digital era approached, AT&T Stadium was one of the first adopters, ensuring the stadium was ready for the future. A *giant 16072 foot HD video display** hangs over the playing field, creating an immersive viewing experience. This smart integration of technology ensures the spectators don’t miss a single moment of the action.

Capacity Series

The AT&T Stadium dwarfs the average NFL arena in terms of size, boasting a seating capacity of approximately 80,000, able to be expanded to house up to 100,000 attendees. This makes it the fourth largest stadium in the NFL, an impressive feat considering the competition.

Signature Design

The AT&T Stadium is distinguished by its retractable roof, designed as a tribute to the iconic Texas Stadium. The roof structure forms two gigantic arches which are not only an aesthetic pleasure but are a marvel of engineering and design.

Exemplary Comfort

The luxury boxes, club seats, and other comfort facilities within the stadium take the user experience to new levels. These areas ensure a perfect view of the game and a luxurious environment for the spectators.

Events at AT&T Stadium

From hosting NFL games, Super Bowl games, to world-famous concerts by artists like U2, Taylor Swift, George Strait, Jay Z, and Beyoncé, the AT&T Stadium is synonymous with grand events. The sheer magnitude and grandeur of these events reflect the importance and status of the AT&T Stadium.

Impacting the Local Economy

The AT&T Stadium has significantly influenced the local economy. The stadium generates thousands of jobs directly and indirectly while acting as a tourist attraction, contributing to the tourism revenue of Arlington.

Environmentally Friendly

The AT&T Stadium is also known for its commitment to green initiatives. They are one of the pioneers in the sports industry to incorporate renewable energy, including solar panels, which not only saves energy cost but also contributes to saving the environment.


The AT&T Stadium remains a testament to the perfect blend of architecture, technology, design, and spectator satisfaction. It’s not just a place to watch football games, but a complete package of entertainment, excitement, and luxury.

AT&T Stadium symbolizes the future of world sports complex while paying homage to classic American sports tradition. Its distinctive environment ensures an unforgettable experience for anyone stepping foot in it, making it the jewel in the crown of American stadiums.

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