Trabzonspor Stadium: A Detailed Guide to Avni Aker Stadium


Known in the world of football for its passionate fans and intense atmosphere, Avni Aker Stadium, home of Trabzonspor, is more than just a sports facility. It’s a symbol of devotion, a beacon of local culture, and an embodiment of Trabzonspor’s enduring spirit.

The Legendary Avni Aker Stadium

The Avni Aker Stadium has witnessed countless football matches that have left indelible memories for Trabzonspor fans. The emotion-filled encounters, the thundering cheers of the fans, and the exhilarating victories of the home team have contributed to making the stadium legendary.

History of Trabzonspor Stadium

Trabzonspor Stadium, originally referred to as Avni Aker Stadium, was officially opened on May 29, 1967. It was named after Avni Aker, a martyred soldier who offered his life during the War of Independence. Over the years, the stadium has understandably transformed, absorbing the energy and passion of the matches played within its confines.

Architectural Beauty of the Stadium

The architecture of Avni Aker Stadium is synonymous with simplicity and functionality. While it doesn’t flaunt a modern luxurious design, its charm lies in its history-filled aisles, spectator stands with perfect football viewing angles, and pitch specifically designed for optimal football performances.

Notable Matches at Avni Aker Stadium

Here, we recall some of the unforgettable football matches at Avni Aker Stadium that have shaped Trabzonspor’s history. Each match paints an exquisite picture about the rich football culture in Trabzon.

The Atmosphere at Avni Aker Stadium

Known far and wide for its enrapturing atmosphere, Avni Aker Stadium’s atmosphere catapults to a different level during matches. The infectious energy spreading across the spectator stands to spur the teams on, the deafening chants, and relentless drumming are an unforgettable spectacle for any football enthusiast.

Importance of Avni Aker Stadium to Trabzonspor

As the home of Trabzonspor, Avni Aker Stadium acts as the nerve center of its operations. It is where the team hones its skills, gets motivated, and earns its victories – the ones that underpin Trabzonspor’s sporting vitality.

Current Status and Future Developments

Despite the lingering nostalgia, Trabzonspor moved to a new stadium, Şenol Güneş Stadium, in 2016. The shift truly symbolizes the club’s innovative approach to keep pace with the evolving requirements of modern football, without diluting the traditional fervor that was the hallmark of Avni Aker Stadium.

Visiting Trabzonspor Stadium

Visiting the Trabzonspor Stadium is an enticing prospect for football aficionados. The electrifying ambiance, the history associated with Trabzonspor, and the city’s rich culture intertwined with football presents a must-visit prospect for any football fan.


Over the years, Avni Aker Stadium, the erstwhile home of Trabzonspor, has been etched in the annals of football history for its unique charm. It was more than just a venue; it was a place where dreams took flight and hearts pulsated with fervor. And even though the roar of the fans has now moved elsewhere, Avni Aker and its legacies continue to be a poignant reminder of the profound love that the city and its dwellers have for their beloved football club – Trabzonspor.

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