Clarke Stadium: The Historic Heart of Edmonton’s Sports Scene


Clarke Stadium is much more than a simple sports venue; it is the vibrant heart of Edmonton’s sports scene. Located next to the Commonwealth Stadium, this historic landmark has seen plenty of thrilling matches, memorable performances, and exciting championships.

History of Clarke Stadium

Named after former mayor Joe Clarke, Clarke Stadium is embedded in the city’s DNA since its opening in 1954. Its history is the veritable narrative of sporting life in Edmonton, with various sports teams calling it home, including the Edmonton Eskimos, now Edmonton Elks, and Edmonton FC, formerly the Brickmen.

The Architecture of Clarke Stadium

The modern-day stadium holds 5,000 spectators, a far cry from its initial capacity of over 20,000. The change in seating came after a complete remodel in 2000. It was updated with state-of-the-art facilities ensuring the perfect mix of history and contemporary amenities, from luxury seating and VIP suites to world-class turf and security systems.

Clarke Stadium Throughout the Seasons

At Clarke Stadium, sports reign whatever the weather. From Canadian Football League games under clear summer skies to professional soccer matches amidst gentle snowfall, the venue is always alive with passionate fans.

Home to Sporting Communities

Clarke Stadium is a pivotal center for various sporting communities. Besides professional football and soccer, it hosts school sports, cultural events, and non-profit community activities, reinforcing its role as a vital part of Edmonton’s vibrant identity.

A Sustainable Model: Clarke Stadium’s Eco-Friendly Measures

Ecological accountability is one cornerstone underlying the management of Clarke Stadium. From sourcing locally grown food for concessions to implementing waste management programs and energy-efficient systems, Clarke Stadium sets a precedent for sustainable sports.

Sports Endeavors and Achievements at Clarke Stadium

Since its inception, Clarke Stadium has hosted numerous prestigious sports events. It was a significant venue for the XI Commonwealth Games in 1978 and Copa America Centroamericana in 1996, among others. These notable events amplify the stadium’s prestige in the global sports landscape.

The Future of Clarke Stadium

The future of Clarke Stadium looks bright with plans to expand its capacity, enhance facilities, and host international tournaments. As it fortifies its reputation as a premier sporting venue, it promises more electrifying moments and fantastic milestones.


Clarke Stadium stands as a testament to Edmonton’s tenacious spirit, zealous sports culture, and unwavering community dedication. It is more than a sports locale; it is a reflection of the city’s identity and striving for excellence. As it gears up for future growth and investments, Clarke Stadium solidifies Edmonton’s place on the global sporting map.

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