All You Need To Know About Dodger Stadium Seating

Dodger Stadium, a name that resonates power, excitement and grandeur among baseball fanatics. Standing tall in the Elysian Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, it is not just a stadium, it’s a monument that embeds numerous stories of baseball. A home to the Los Angeles Dodgers, the third-oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball, and the largest by seating capacity. This comprehensive Dodger Stadium Seating guide is your ticket to understand the layout of the park better, to make the most of your next trip.

Unveiling the Dodger Stadium Seating Architecture

Dodger Stadium boasts a clean, symmetric seating arrangement that offers exceptional viewing angles, regardless of the seating level. Offering accommodation for an impressive count of 56,000, the stadium has five main seating sections:

  1. Field Level
  2. Loge Level
  3. Club Level
  4. Reserve Level
  5. Top Deck

Field Level

Field Level, the closest to the action. It extends from foul pole to foul pole wrapping around the outfield. It encompasses dugout club and baseline club seats, being the premium seats.

Loge Level

The second level, the Loge Level, offers great views and is the smallest, hence the least crowded seating section. It includes rows A-H and is shared equally between odd and even numbered sections.

Club Level

Reserved only for private organizations and VIPs, the Club Level exemplifies luxury and exclusivity. It offers a personalized experience, top-notch comfort, and incredible views.

Reserve Level

The Reserve Level, located above Club Level, is the largest section of Dodger Stadium. It provides the audience with a breathtaking elevated view.

Top Deck

At the fifth and highest level of seating, the Top Deck offers a panoramic sight of the playing field and the stunning LA skyline.

Decoding the Seating Sections

Now that the primary levels are distinctly clear, let’s give you a deeper insight into the individual sections and their numbers.

Navigating Through Field Level Sections

The Field and Dugout Club consists of sections 1-10 and 31-52. Lower Box sections spread across sections 11-30 and 53-76, while outer field sections encompass 301-316.

Loge Level Sections

Loge box sections span through 101-166, and loge outer field sections are spread across 301-316.

Club Level Sections

Club sections include 205-252 AAA-EEE.

Mastering Reserve Level Sections

Reserve MVP sections are designed as 1-20, while Infield Reserve sections hold sections 21-26. The Outer Reserve sections go from 27 to 31, and Reserve sections span from 32-56.

Top Deck Sections

Providing the bird’s eye view, Top Deck sections are 1-6.

Preferred Seating at Dodger Stadium

Now that you are well-versed with the layout, let’s delve into the best seats at Dodger Stadium.

For the Game-lovers

Consider sections 1, 2, 31, 32, 33, and 34 on the Field Level, right behind the dugouts. A close-up view of your favorite players and direct sightlines to the bases make these sections a hot favorite.

For the Comfort-seekers

For an optimal combination of viewing advantage and comfort, consider the Loge Level sections including sections 101-104 and 155-158, which are directly behind home plate.

Discovering Amenities at Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium, though known for baseball, has a host of amenities that can enhance your Dodger Stadium experience. From food and beverages to souvenir shops and free Wi-Fi. Dodger Stadium also offers spaces like clubs, suites, and group party areas for those looking to celebrate a special occasion.

Dodger Stadium Accessibility

Dodger Stadium provides facilities for guests with mobility impairments including accessible seating and parking. Wheelchair service, as well as assisted listening devices, are also available to guests who need them.

The Dodger stadium’s seating layout provides an unforgettable baseball experience. From the close-up thrill of the Field Level seats to the extensive vantage points of the Top Deck, Dodger Stadium ensures that every seat is a game-changer. With our understanding of the stadium’s seating, you can plan your next visit better, ensuring an exceptional match-viewing experience.

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