7 Inspiring Chapters of the Eddie Would Go legacy Heading into 2023


The Eddie Would Go legacy, tracing back to Eddie Aikau, is a beacon of bravery and commitment. As we edge closer to 2023, let’s explore the enduring influence of this ocean legend, famously known as ‘Eddie Would Go.’

Chapter 1: Unravelling the Eddie Aikau Legend

Eddie Aikau, born in 1946, stood out as a renowned Hawaiian lifeguard and big wave surfer. His indomitable courage and altruism made him an emblem of hope and resilience. His phrase, ‘Eddie Would Go,’ encapsulates his spirit, extending beyond the surfing world and touching lives universally.

Chapter 2: Tracing Eddie’s Roots and Surfing Journey

Originating from a low-income family in Maui, Hawaii, Eddie discovered his passion for surfing using discarded boards from the local landfill. His oceanic affinity was evident from the beginning. By age 31, he had carved his identity as a top big wave surfer and began serving as the inaugural lifeguard at Waimea Bay on Oahu’s North Shore.

Chapter 3: The Guardian of Waimea Bay

The job Eddie undertook at Waimea Bay wasn’t just any lifeguard position. The bay is infamous for its treacherous waves reaching up to thirty feet. But Eddie never backed down from these trials. His dedication ensured zero fatalities during his tenure.

Chapter 4: The Hokule’a Voyage and Eddie’s Final Act

In 1978, Eddie participated in the Hokule’a voyage, a traditional Hawaiian canoeing journey spanning 30 days and 2,500 miles, retracing the ancient Polynesian migration route between Hawaiian and Tahitian islands. When the canoe capsized, Eddie embarked on his surfboard to seek help but was lost at sea. However, his sacrifice continues to ignite hope and inspiration.

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Chapter 5: The Rise of ‘Eddie Would Go’

‘Eddie Would Go’ initially served as a catchphrase among surfers confronting formidable waves. Now, it has transformed into a global mantra embodying bravery and resolve in adversity.

Chapter 6: The Quiksilver ‘In Memory of Eddie Aikau’ Contest

To commemorate Eddie’s spirit, Quiksilver launched the ‘In Memory of Eddie Aikau’ competition in 1984. This invite-only big wave surf contest only occurs when Waimea Bay waves hit a minimum of 20 feet, encapsulating Eddie’s fearless spirit.

Chapter 7: The Echo of ‘Eddie Would Go’ in 2023

As we usher in 2023, the Eddie Would Go legacy still resonates. The ethos of ‘Eddie Would Go’ motivates individuals to transcend their boundaries and face their fears, not only in surfing but in life’s various aspects.

Chapter 8: Eddie’s Legacy – Lighting the Path for Future Generations

Although Eddie Aikau is no longer with us, his spirit continues to inspire. His life story imparts lessons about determination, the value of courage, and the immense influence an individual can wield in the world.


‘Eddie Would Go’ signifies more than just surfing; it embodies the spirit of accepting challenges, stretching limits, and making an impact. As we anticipate 2023, let’s uphold Eddie Aikau’s legacy and live by his tenet, ensuring his spirit continues to surf the tide of time.

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