7 Exhilarating Aspects of the Eddie Surf Competition


The Eddie Surf Competition, colloquially known as The Eddie, is a globally acclaimed surfing event, held yearly in the Hawaiian archipelago. This invitational big wave surfing contest is unique as it only occurs when the Waimea Bay waves reach at least 20 feet. In this piece, we delve into the intriguing backstory, importance, and exhilarating aspects of this distinguished event.

Unearthing the Origins of The Eddie

The Eddie Surf Competition was initiated in tribute to Eddie Aikau, a heroic Hawaiian lifeguard and surfer known for his brave rescue operations and wave riding feats. His profound passion for the ocean and commitment to duty sowed the seeds for this event in 1984. The competition is a testament to Aikau’s legacy, exemplifying his valor, dedication, and superior surfing skills.

The Importance of The Eddie

The Eddie transcends being a typical surfing contest. It signifies deep reverence for the ocean’s might and commemorates one of Hawaii’s most esteemed watermen. The event holds tremendous prestige, and an invitation to participate is considered a significant accolade within the international surfing fraternity. It assembles the globe’s elite wave riders who demonstrate their skills and determination amid massive swells.

The Adrenaline-Rush of The Eddie

The Eddie epitomizes human endurance against nature’s formidable power. The thrill stems not just from the towering waves but also from the display of ability, bravery, and regard for the ocean. Every ride is a reflection of a surfer’s daring spirit and their capacity to utilize the energy of gigantic waves. The breath-taking instances when surfers plunge into immense walls of water symbolize The Eddie’s exhilaration.

By Invitation Only: The Esteemed Contingent of The Eddie

Receiving an invitation to compete in The Eddie is a significant accomplishment. Only the most proven big wave surfers are invited. These athletes have demonstrated their prowess in demanding surf conditions globally. The list comprises luminaries like Kelly Slater, Clyde Aikau, and Bruce Irons, who have faced Waimea Bay’s mammoth waves to inscribe their names in the chronicles of surfing history.

Unforgettable Instants from The Eddie

Every edition of The Eddie has its share of indelible moments. From Greg Long’s triumph in 2009 against formidable 40-foot waves to Clyde Aikau’s poignant final ride in 2016 at 66 years old, these instances encapsulate The Eddie’s spirit. For more unmissable highlights surfing competition, visit our page.

Waimea Bay: The Epicentre of The Eddie

Waimea Bay is the stunning setting for The Eddie. Its potent winter swells offer perfect conditions for this electrifying event. This iconic bay is venerated by surfers globally for its immense waves that push their boundaries and provide spectators with a magnificent view of the action.

Eddie Surf Competition

Preserving Eddie Aikau’s Legacy

The Eddie acts as a guiding light, keeping alive Eddie Aikau’s legacy by promoting his values of ocean respect, bravery, and fellowship. It serves as a reminder of his heroic acts and his unwavering passion for surfing.


The Eddie Surf Competition is a monument to human tenacity, bravery, and deference for nature’s primal force. This event is more than a display of exceptional surfing talent; it’s a homage to the life and legacy of Eddie Aikau. The enduring allure of The Eddie lies in its blend of thrilling sport, respect for the ocean’s power, and the perpetuation of an inspiring legacy.

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