7 Essential Steps to Choosing the Perfect Surfboard Boardbag

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For devotees of surfing, the importance of top-notch surf equipment is undeniable. Your surfboard isn’t just a piece of gear, it’s your partner facing the ocean waves with you. The storage and care of your surfboard often call upon the indispensable surfboard boardbag. This bag plays a significant role in safeguarding your board from the inevitable rough handling during transit.

The Role of a Surfboard Boardbag

Moving onto how one goes about selecting a surfboard boardbag, it’s essential first to identify its function. A surfboard bag, often termed a boardbag or cover, is primarily a protective shield for your surfboard. It offers a convenient mode of transportation for your board, even as it assures extended surfboard life and maintains it in peak condition.

Distinct Features of a Surfboard Boardbag

A surfboard boardbag invariably comes with fundamental characteristics such as padding, zippers, straps, ventilation spots, and design specific to the board. Comprehending these attributes is integral when choosing an appropriate bag. Ideally, your bag should conform to your board’s size and feature robust, thick padding to counter accidental jostles.

Choosing the Perfect Surfboard Boardbag

Surfboard Boardbag Varieties

The surfboard boardbag comes in a plethora of styles, designs, and functions. We have the day bags that shield the board during day-to-day commute and minimal travel. For lengthier journeys, travel bags – which are generally heavier, denser, and more robust – are the best bet. Socks covers, although offering limited protection, are useful for keeping wax and sand from dirtying your car.

For more in-depth details about different types of boardbags, the most reliable source is Wikipedia.

Size Matters

A perfect boardbag should be spacious enough to fit your surfboard comfortably, leaving just a little space for board movement. An overly spacious bag, however, can cause the board to move around and sustain damage. Hence, it’s always recommended to choose a bag that’s about 2-3 inches longer than your board.

Pay Attention to Material

The longevity and weight of your surfboard boardbag depends massively on the material used. Opting for high-grade, lightweight, yet durable materials like nylon, polyester, or canvas will ensure your bag lasts longer and shields your surfboard from harmful factors like UV rays, dust, and water.

Additional Features Worth Considering

To enhance the protection of your surfboard, consider features like extra padding, internal pockets, and reinforced handles. The addition of reflective outer layers and heat shielding inners can lessen heat absorption, especially in hotter climates. Drain openings can allow water to flow out, preventing the formation of mildew.

Recommended Brands

The current market offers a deluge of recognized brands presenting high-quality surfboard boardbags. These include notable names such as Pro-Lite, FCS, Ocean & Earth, Dakine, and more. Each brand brings its unique mix of aesthetics, calibre, and functionality to cater to diverse surfing needs and preferences.

To Wrap It Up

Securing the perfect surfboard boardbag is as much about knowledge as it is about discernment. With the plethora of choices on offer, your selection will ultimately hinge on personal needs and priorities. The right boardbag investment can elevate your surfing experience and extend the life of your cherished surfboard.

Bear in mind, a prepared surfer is an astute surfer. Go catch your wave with the right gear in hand and keep the passion for the sea burning bright.

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