Elevate Your Fitness Journey at The Arc Gym: Unlocking A World of Wellness

Arc Gym Facilities


Step into the Arc Gym, the zenith of fitness and wellness, designed meticulously to elevate your journey to improved health and vitality. Our gym boasts a diverse mix of state-of-the-art equipment and innovative fitness regimes, making it more than just an exercise area. The Arc Gym plays a significant role in fostering personal progress and transformation, thereby opening a gateway to holistic wellness.

Evolved Amenities

Equipped with a wide range of high-quality workout tools, we cater to diverse training requirements, whether you are into cardio activities, weight training, functional training, pilates, yoga, and much more. The Arc Gym is your space to work out, offering a variety of fitness opportunities to align with distinct needs and inclinations.

Skilled Coaches: Pathway to Victory

The cornerstone of The Arc Gym is our team of uniformly accredited fitness specialists. Our coaches are devotedly enthusiastic, knowledgeable and are resolved to create optimal exercise plans to speed up your journey to fitness.

All-encompassing Workout Schedules

From enthralling group classes like high-intensity interval training, spinning, body pump, cardiobox to customized personal training sessions, our wide range of programs is curated keeping all the fitness levels in mind. Our unique approach to fitness prioritizes the holistic wellness of our members, thereby promoting a well-rounded development.

Finding Zen: Yoga and Meditation

At The Arc Gym, we firmly believe in holistic wellness. Hence, our regular offerings also include comprehensive yoga and meditation sessions. Our tranquil yoga studio serves as an ideal platform for beginners and experienced yogis alike to enhance their physical fitness, mental clarity, and spiritual wellbeing.

Nutrition Counselling: Powering the Fitness Quest

We regard nutrition as a vital element of your fitness journey at The Arc Gym. Our qualified dieticians provide personalised advice, considering individual dietary restrictions, likings, and fitness ambitions. We guide our members on nutritious meal planning, thereby helping them make balanced diet selections.

Amenities for Healing and Recovery

Post-workout body care is as essential as the workout itself. Hence, we offer an array of recovery facilities designed to facilitate optimal healing post strenuous workout sessions. Our healing suite includes amenities like sauna and steam rooms, premier massage facilities, and relaxing spa features.

Community: Our Gym’s Lifeline

At The Arc Gym, our members are the core of our community. Our dedicated events squad organizes timely gym events, social gatherings, and community welfare programs thus nurturing the bond among gym members.


At The Arc Gym, we follow a multidimensional wellness approach, encompassing diverse aspects of health, fitness and nutrition. Our state-of-the-art facilities, holistic programs and professional trainers form the core ingredients of your fitness journey. Discover your ultimate guide to achieving fitness goals at the town center and unlock your physical and internal potential.

Physical fitness is not just vital for a healthy body, but for a healthy mind and overall sense of well-being.

Experience the journey to wellness at The Arc Gym and awaken your infinite potential.

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